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Rotary and Cylindrical Floor Cleaning Machine Brushes

For whatever type of industrial scrubbing you'll be doing, we have just the right floor cleaning machine brushes to meet your needs. This includes both cylindrical and rotary floor scrubber brushes in a wide variety of materials, capable of being used on just as wide a variety of floor types. Select from natural fiber brushes, such as White Tampico and Bassine, nylon or poly fiber brushes, available in either crimped or level bristles, and grit and wire brushes.

Choose wire for your concrete floor stripping brush and grit for heavy scrubbing of dirt buildup. Poly brushes are great for general purpose scrubbing. They’re also economical and wear well. No matter what your floor scrubber brush replacement needs happen to be or what particular brand of equipment you're using, we have you covered with nearly 2,500 brush selections.

There are two types of scrubbing brushes: Cylindrical and Rotary. Brushes are available in a broad range of materials and aggressiveness to provide effective scrubbing. These rotary and cylindrical floor cleaning machine brushes will suit any cleaning need from polishing, cleaning and stripping, as well as carpet cleaning applications. Rotary scrub brushes have a full-fill bristle patter design, while cylindrical scrub brushes typically have a spiral bristle fill patter of 14, 16, 18, 20, or 24 S.R.(Single Rows) to suit the fill material, intended use, OEM specifications, and requirements of the machine application.

Natural Fiber Brushes

White Tampico Union Mix Bassine
This is very durable and naturally resistant to acid as well as other chemicals and solvents. This material is ideal for use in light to medium polishing applications that require high luster results. These characteristics make this brush material an excellent choice for use in marble polishing applications.
This brush has a gentle fill that is a combination of Palmyra and White Tampico. It is most often used in light scrubbing or buffing/polishing of decorative type floors and hard surface applications. This brush type is used for general scrubbing purposes. Water absorption properties make this an excellent, low cost choice for hard surface scrubbing.

Nylon Fiber Brushes

Crimped Nylon Level Nylon

Nylon is used for gentle scrubbing, mopping or polishing of decorative floors in light soil conditions. This material is the typical choice for decorative type floors as it will not scratch tile, terrazzo, or coated surfaces. It is available in a range of bristle diameters and types (Crimped or Level) for uses that range from soft ( .010" to .014") for scrubbing marble and concrete, medium ( .020" to .022") for light general scrubbing, to stiff ( 025" to .030") for moderate scrubbing applications.

Poly Fiber Brushes

Crimped Poly Level Poly
Poly is excellent for general scrubbing in medium soil conditions. Poly is often used on concrete or coated floors in industrial facilities. Due to its good wear characteristics and economical pricing, Poly is the most common choice for overall general purpose scrubbing. This material is available in a variety of gauges. Heavier gauge bristles ( .030" to .040") are slightly more aggressive and suitable for heavier soil while lighter gauges ( .020" to .022") are suitable for lighter duty, more general scrubbing conditions and finished floors.

Grit and Wire Brushes

Grit brushes recommended for use in very heavy scrubbing conditions or grinding away heavy buildups of impacted or built-up soil. They are also highly effective for stripping floor finishes and are suitable for scrubbing very rough surfaces including asphalt and rough concrete. The bristles used are moisture-resistant nylon filament and are self-replenishing as they wear, offering unmatched value that outlasts floor pads 100 to 1. All grit pads must be used in a wet environment.
Wire brush floor scrubbers are ideal for stripping and scrubbing of rough concrete surfaces. These brushes are made of .030 gauge high carbon steel.

Cylindrical Scrub Brushes

Cylindrical scrub brushes are available in a range of bristle diameters and materials. These include Nylon, Poly, and Grit bristles in the sizes found in the Disk Scrub Brushes. Bristles are usually configured in 14, 16, 18, 20, or 24 S.R.(Single Rows) in both standard and patrol (V) patterns.

.022" Soft Nylon, 12 SR, Patrol Soft Poly, 24 SR
020" Poly, 14 SR
.035", 180 Grit, 18 SR