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Floor Pads

Floor Pads

Whether you need to buff, strip, clean, or wax your floors, you can rely on the high quality pads that we provide here at Southeastern Equipment & Supply. We have a wide variety of pads available that will help you to work harder and longer.


Since 1969, they've been one the world's leading producers of floor pads and cleaning accessories.


3M has been one of the most recognizable names in manufacturer and has a long history of floor cleaning supplies.

Nilfisk Eco Brilliance

Nilfisk is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. Eco Brilliance is primarily developed for soft stone or concrete floors.

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Floor Cleaning Equipment Batteries

The most common batteries used in floor cleaning equipment are Flooded batteries, sometimes called Wet batteries, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. Both are recharged to return them to their maximum energy state by using a chemical reaction that generates the necessary electricity. The primary difference between the two is their construction. As the name states, Flooded batteries are designed with liquid electrolytes and a battery case that has vented caps. AGM batteries are made with an entirely sealed battery case, and the electrolyte is absorbed in a glass mat separator between the battery plates.

Flooded (wet) batteries are a good choice for floor cleaning equipment. When properly maintained, they perform close to an equivalent AGM battery. Their primary weakness, in comparison to an AGM battery, is that they will occasionally need to be refilled with distilled water. The battery caseís vented caps allow the gasses, created when recharging, to escape, which results in some evaporation of the electrolytes. If not properly maintained, energy, performance, and longevity may be reduced. Because of the potential decline in performance, it is paramount that end users are trained to properly check and top off the distilled water levels.

AGM batteries are an excellent choice in floor cleaning equipment when maintenance might be an issue. Since AGM has sealed battery cases, the gasses from the charging process canít escape and water never needs to be added. This adds the benefit of very little maintenance being needed. AGM batteries, through their design and construction, are also far superior to Flooded batteries in vibration resistance. The plates are compressed together and canít vibrate/break loose like a Flooded battery due to excessive fatigue from vibrations. Typically, AGM batteries will command a premium over wet batteries, but most find the convenience well worth the additional cost.