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weathering the coronavirus storm together.

We are dedicated to providing much-needed support for our customer's cleaning supply needs during the Coronavirus.

Both of our locations remain open during this time and we are available to assist you with any cleaning needs you may have. Due to the vast majority of people working from home, this means office buildings and facilities are unoccupied at the moment. Therefore, this presents a great opportunity for business owners to proactively clean your facilities before employees start returning to the office. Here are some ways you can do that.

floor scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are an ideal method of preventing spread of infection. How to disinfect your floors with a floor scrubber:

  1. Ensure the floor is soil free and make sure disinfection is performed in small sections without flooding the floor or allowing the disinfectant to dry.
  2. First pass- Put down the disinfectant and scrub with the squeegee in the up position.
  3. Wait for the required dwell time to pass.
  4. Second pass- Scrub and recover as normal.

To learn more about this please see this informative article. For a list of scrubbers that we personally recommend for your cleaning needs during this time, please click the link below.

epa-approved chemicals

Chemicals play a vital role in killing and preventing the spread of COVID-19. It is especially important that they be EPA-approved which is why we have made it easy for you to shop our wide variety of chemicals available.


Another effective and proven method of disinfecting, is by use of Mister/Sprayer machines. These easy to use tools come highly recommended by our team. Here are our top picks for you and your business.

SPECIALTY all-surface cleaners

With new evidence emerging that COVID-19 can spread via fecal-oral transmission, we have complied a list of specialty cleaners that allow the operator to disperse solution and sanitize without having to physically wipe anything down.

PPE and supplies

From KN95 masks to Checkout Shields and even toilet paper, we have a variety of PPE and supplies available for your needs. Buy personal protective equipment from Southeastern Equipment & Supply today.

Air Scrubbers

From the NY Times: "An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine in March reported that aerosolized coronavirus could remain in the air for up to three hours."

Filter these dangerous air particles with an air scrubber, which traps the virus to prevent multiplication and spread of infection.

have questions? we are here for you.

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